An R&B/Soul track that feels just right.

Jet Vesper is a versatile artist, covering roles as a singer, songwriter, and producer. His style has been aptly characterized as “a slick take on 70s funk.” Despite his globetrotting lifestyle, bouncing between Australia, England, Spain, and the US, Vesper manages to infuse his music with a comforting, homey vibe. For a taste of this cozy sensation, give a listen to singles like “Fresh With Force,” “Salty Crush,” and “Kind of Blue.” Vesper’s most recent release is the single “What About Us?”

In “What About Us?” an incredibly soothing R&B/Soul track, Jet Vesper collaborates with vocalist Ona Mafalda to explore the myriad possibilities that open up when one embraces love. The lyrics convey the mental hesitations and inner conflicts that ultimately lead to a relationship becoming more profound, with lines like “Let it go, don’t have all the answers, promise I won’t pretend” and “I’ll whisper in the dark and tell you it will be us.” Accompanied by silky guitar chords and the harmonious vocals of Vesper and Mafalda, the song offers a groovy, fall-appropriate sound that’s perfect for staying warm. If you’re in search of an electric yet cozy tune, “What About Us?” is worth a listen.