A haunting, sad pop gem that vulnerably reflects on love and heartbreak.

Kenzie Cait, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nashville, is known for crafting stunning tunes that are not to be missed. Music is ingrained in Kenzie Cait’s DNA, and her previous releases, including songs like “the worst part,” “what i do best,” “that girl,” and “love me again,” showcase her passion for her craft. Her unique creations resonate with fans of artists such as Lizzy McAlpine, Olivia Rodrigo, and Taylor Swift. Now, ready to step into the spotlight herself, Kenzie Cait’s latest release is the seven-track pop album “innocence,” featuring the song of the same name, accompanied by an official music video.

With a captivating blend of delicate tones and soft instrumentals, “innocence” creates a soothing soundscape that beautifully complements the track’s emotional exploration. The lyrics, such as “I wanna drive, Way past my curfew, Your hand in mine, Nothing in the rearview” and “You’ll kiss me in the tail light glow, You know just how to take it slow, And when it’s time to take me home, Oh I don’t wanna go,” present a bittersweet romantic reflection. Infused with a wonderfully nostalgic sense and an abundance of ethereal elements, Kenzie Cait bestows upon us a haunting, melancholic pop gem that vulnerably delves into the power of love and the changes that accompany the experience of one’s first heartbreak. So press play and let the words of “innocence” gently alleviate old heartaches.