An intimate pop gem that powerfully captures the emotional rollercoaster of romance. 

Anni, an indie pop singer, songwriter, and published poet based in Los Angeles, is deeply passionate about the arts. She began her artistic journey by writing poetry at a young age. As she learned to play the piano, she transformed her poems into song lyrics. Anni studied songwriting at The New School and initiated her first artist project named Annika Grace in 2016. She’s also known for starting a concert series called Saturdays at Seven in her backyard to foster community through music. Her poetry has received several accolades, including the First Place Gold Medalist for the World Poetry Movement’s Best Poets. Anni’s latest release is the pop single “Fairgrounds.”

With its captivating blend of hazy tones and gentle instrumentals, “Fairgrounds” sets the stage for an emotional journey that perfectly complements the song’s introspective themes. The lyrics, including lines such as “One day, I hope you remember me in that green striped sweater saying, ‘I love you, but I deserve better,” and “Late nights don’t look good on us, Say things we shouldn’t, Our fights turn into a Farris wheel,” dive into the complexities of relationships, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and not settling for less than one deserves. Anni’s powerful pop single invites listeners to explore the ups and downs of love in an intimate and evocative way. So, hit play and join her on a trip to the “Fairgrounds.”