An electrifying EDM remix ready to provide an unforgettable musical experience.

Portugal-born and France-raised, Egzod is a musical creative currently based in the US. With a profound desire to empower and unify people through his music, Egzod creates a boundary-breaking soundscape that seamlessly merges sounds from diverse cultures worldwide. His sonic productions are imbued with a spiritual aura and thought-provoking motifs, showcasing his profound dedication to his art. More recently, Egzod teamed up with the multi-talented artist Maestro Chives. Together, the duo created the EDM single “Royalty (Remix By Don Diablo).”

With a vibrant blend of dance-inducing future house melodies and striking pop vocals, “Royalty (Remix By Don Diablo)” creates an electrifying, high-energy soundscape that will sweep you off your feet. Lyrics like “Best to give me your loyalty, ‘Cause I’m taking the world you’ll see, They’ll be calling me, calling me, They’ll be calling me royalty” provide a delightful narrative that perfectly complements the remix’s explosive sound. With its sweet futuristic vibes and some stunning violin moments, Egzod and Maestro Chives gift us with a striking EDM remix that’s truly out of this world. So press play and immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical experience with “Royalty (Remix By Don Diablo).”