Rating: 3 out of 5.

I just found out Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne will release albums on November 17th (It’s about to be a Young Money Friday).

Arguably, the hottest female rapper in the game is Nicki Minaj. Arguably, the hottest male rapper in the game is Drake. It’s absolutely insane that they are both affiliated with Young Money, which is run by arguably the greatest rapper of all time, Lil Wayne. While Nicki didn’t appear on Drake’s For All The Dogs (I actually thought she would), she did drop a freestyle to one of the songs from the album. 

Nicki Minaj does what she usually does in this remix to “All The Parties”: Calls b*tches her sons, hits us with punchlines that straddle the line between clever and questionable, and sounds hella aggressive. To make a long story short, her rapping style does not fit this song’s tone. That’s what makes the greats unique, right? They usually say “f**k a tone” and do whatever the hell they want.

Nicki Minaj sounds like she’s in album mode right now.