Rating: 4 out of 5.

Imagine if this song came out during COVID lockdown.

To call Pheezy a talented artist would be the biggest understatement you can make. The Martinsville, Virginia native is great at putting together strong melodic raps and toying with contemporary R&B elements. I also rock with the powerful content that he practically instills into all of his songs. Some of Pheezy’s biggest hits are “Corner Store” and “Star.” His latest single is “Back Outside.”

The first thing that struck me about “Back Outside” is the captivating beat. It exudes drama, emotion, and packs a significant punch. Pheezy’s performance over this beat truly shines. Throughout the song, he delivers powerful melodic raps that amplify the impact of his lyrics about his journey to success. Whether you’re striving to escape a difficult situation or celebrating your achievements, this track is bound to strike a chord with you.

Give “Back Outside” a shot below.