Rating: 4 out of 5.

Now that Drake has co-signed Yeat, he has many more 30-year-old fans.

Yeat is currently one of the most influential rappers in the game. It’s quite remarkable to see that his track with Drake, “IDGAF,” had a significant showdown with Drake’s song with J. Cole, “First Person Shooter,” for the top spot on the Billboard charts. The days of not recognizing his talent are behind us. Today, on the low-low (in my T-Pain voice), Yeat released a new single titled “Wtf They On.”

The “Wtf They On” instrumental is incredibly trippy and hits harder than a toddler taking their first steps and stumbling onto the floor. Yeat, known for his complex flows and otherworldly vocals, delivers relentless bars over this beat. He doesn’t hold back, boasting about his wealth, dissing his rivals, and celebrating his rise to fame. Surprisingly, I agree with him now, whereas before, I might have been a bit skeptical while listening to him flex. Whatever the case may be, I rock with this joint!

Give “WTF They On” a shot below.