Rating: 4 out of 5.

Getting a Jadakiss co-sign is huge.

Jo Compadre is a rapper from Montreal with a deep love for hip-hop. His music reflects his hunger, focus, and high skill level. Some of Jo’s biggest hits include “Palo Santo,” “So Soulful,” and “Wouldn’t Lie.” His latest single, “So Soulful,” even features a co-sign from one of the biggest rappers of all time: Jadakiss!

For me, if you’re going to call yourself an MC, you’ve got to drop a soulful banger. “So Soulful” is precisely that. In this track, which rides on a flipped version of the beat from Jay-Z’s “Somehow, Someway,” Jo Compadre delivers profound bars about his impressive come-up, his complex relationship with money, and his unwavering mindset. I personally appreciate the raw, genuine, and unfiltered nature of his lyrics. I also think he rides the beat well and hits us with some sneaky-good wordplay.

Unfortunately, Jadakiss doesn’t drop a verse in this song. However, he plays Jo’s hypeman, infusing the track with some true gritty New York vibes, which is a cool addition to the overall product.

Give “So Soulful” a shot below.