Malone the Chemist and Gabe2slick go off like your lights when you forget to pay your electric bill.

Malone The Chemist’s artwork prominently features the color purple, which appears to symbolize his love for concocting tracks that are as addictive as codeine and sprite (At least that’s my takeaway). After a two-year hiatus, Malone has returned with a new single titled “VRS,” demonstrating his exceptional rapping skills and reaffirming his talent in the hip-hop scene.

To fully savor “VRS,” one must have an appreciation for authentic hip-hop music. In this track, which is driven by this hard-hitting, soulful beat that gives me Drake and T.I.’s “Fancy” vibes, Malone the Chemist and Gabe2Slick deliver aggressive bars. Their verses showcase their competitive spirit, remarkable come-up stories, and determination to ascend to the pinnacle of their art. It’s a lyrical showcase that is extremely entertaining.

Give “VRS” a shot below.