The collaboration between the two artists is evidence of two distinctly different styles coming together to craft a harmonious sound.

For years now, DEAD HENDRIX has fearlessly blended hip-hop and rock elements in his music, amassing a substantial following in the underground rap scene. On the other hand, Yungcudii, a burgeoning artist from Ottawa, has steadily been capturing the attention of music enthusiasts. In DEAD HENDRIX’s single “Mustang,” these two artists join forces, creating an electrifying musical concoction.

“Mustang” thrives on a dynamic and electrifying beat that seamlessly fuses trap and rock influences. Over this instrumental backdrop, DEAD HENDRIX and Yungcudii deliver audacious verses, celebrating extravagance, reveling in intoxication, and asserting their dominance over the competition. What truly stands out is the confidence, rebellious spirit, and edginess conveyed in their respective performances. 

Give “Mustang” by DEAD HENDRIX and Yungcudii a shot below.