Moa McKay experiences heartbreak and yearning all in one track.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Moa Mckay is a singer and songwriter. She has a unique sound that combines music from the past and present together, creating a magical walk through time. Her main genres are soul, pop, jazz, funk, and R&B. McKay was previously active as the frontman in the band Moa McKay and The Flying Cabaret from 2017-2020. Now working as a solo artist, McKay released her debut EP Sweet n’ Sour in 2022. She’s now back with the new single “Heartbreak Billie.”

Moa McKay imparts dazzling, revamped retro vibes on “Heartbreak Billie.” Evoking the perfect soundtrack for a noir film, this dark soul-pop track provides a taste of the genuine experience of heartbreak. Not entirely moved on from her ex, McKay vividly describes the emotional ties that have left her yearning for a love that no longer exists. With lyrics like “Love blinding me, toxicity, codependency, my dopamine” and “Love me again and not her,” McKay sings of her struggle with moving on and the downward spiral that has enveloped her. The song combines a classic vintage sound with a fresh perspective on heartbreak, offering a new outlook. If you, too, are missing your ex, then streaming “Heartbreak Billie” will provide you with beautiful melodies that resonate with the pain of heartache.