An R&B track all about being that constant calm for your lover.

Trent Monroe, a native of upstate New York, emerges as a singer and songwriter with a decade of dedicated work to perfect his craft as a musician. Taking a bold step, he moved from New York to Los Angeles, where he not only established himself in the vibrant LA music scene but also fostered a community of like-minded artists who shared his artistic visions. This collaborative environment played a crucial role in realizing his dreams.

Monroe’s success extends to collaborations with influential figures both within and outside the music industry, including Master P, Kenya Barris, and Kill The Noise. Known for generating considerable buzz, Monroe is committed to delivering music that is authentic and true to his essence. Some of his popular releases, such as “Turn On The Lights,” “Fill u Up,” and “Broken Promises,” have solidified his presence in the music landscape. Trent Monroe’s latest offering is the single “True Peace.”

In this captivating yet tranquil track, Trent Monroe skillfully combines invigorating afro beats with a sensuous R&B production, crafting a mix that resonates with true romance. With his soothing vocals, Monroe exudes the ultimate charm and allure, singing about providing his lover with “True Peace.” His reassuring words of affirmation, such as “If you want true peace, lay down, you can count on me,” showcase Monroe’s understanding of the importance of not disturbing someone’s peace.

For those seeking a delightful R&B slow jam designed for unwinding, Monroe is the go-to supplier. Press play and immerse yourself in the wavy calm sounds of “True Peace.”