Rating: 4 out of 5.

You have to appreciate how Brandon Blazio gets straight to the point here.

I rock with Brandon Blazio’s style. In his music, Brandon Blazio plays with melodies while delivering lyrics that are as bold and unapologetic as they come. He also gravitates towards trippy beats, much like the younger artists in the contemporary music scene. 2022 was a successful year for Blazio, and now he’s aiming to end 2023 on a high note. He recently released a new single titled “Muse

In “Muse,” Brandon Blazio expresses his desire for a particular person, with a singular intention of physical intimacy. He makes it clear that he isn’t seeking relationships, romantic walks on the beach, or approval from anyone’s parents. The song features a booming, atmospheric, and uptempo beat, with Brandon employing a cool and slightly melodic delivery to convey his message. Whether or not you agree with the message, it’s hard to deny the infectious quality of this track.

I love how honest and straightforward human beings are these days.