Rating: 3 out of 5.

Key Glock ends October with a bang.

Memphis, Tennessee’s very own, Key Glock, has been hard at work as of late. These past couple of weeks, I’ve heard him on other people’s songs (Which is kind of surprising considering that he usually doesn’t f**k with a lot of people in the music industry) and he has dropped a few singles that I believe will be on his forthcoming project, Glocktober (Which I feel like he should’ve brought out today). Today, he decided to keep his hot streak going with the release of “One Me.”

This might be the most high-octane track Key Glock has released in a while. “One Me” features two very hard-hitting beats from 808 Mafia (Both sound like they have mean right hooks). Over the first beat, Glock uses an explosive delivery to dismiss the snakes of the world and to talk about the chicks he’s “slam dunking like Blake Griffin.” Over the second beat, he uses more of a chill delivery to do his s**t-talking, which revolves around him bragging about his diamonds and guns. The switch between beats is seamless and cool as hell.

Key Glock continues to pick the best beats in the game.