Jordi has 99 problems, but a man isn’t one!

Jordi’s confidence shines brightly in her latest single, “My Problem,” as she encourages her fans to concentrate on their blessings and let go of their worries. She establishes a solid and self-assured tone in this track, expressing gratitude to the person who removed the issue that had been keeping her up at night, robbing her of happiness and, most importantly, her sense of self. Now, she radiates as a triumphant and self-sufficient powerhouse after finding peace; she can prioritize her independence and self-improvement.

“My Problem” is not only an anthem that encourages fans to shed their burdens and focus on their personal growth but also captivates with its infectious and energetic pop-hip-hop influenced melody, making it perfect for a girls’ night out or a swift recovery from a much-needed breakup. With exceptional production and authenticity that radiates through her music and empowering message, Jordi is undoubtedly on the path to becoming a future musical star. Be sure to check out Jordi’s new single, “My Problem.”