Rating: 4 out of 5.

Babymaking November is around the way.

Majid Jordan makes R&B music that people 30 years from now will probably f**k with. Right now, though, we mere mortals from the 2020s simply aren’t appreciating it enough. Next week, the duo is planning to release their new project titled Good People. If I were to guess, it will feature many futuristic love songs. Interestingly, though, their latest single from the project, “Violet,” is on some old-school R&B s**t.

If you have seven minutes to spare, give it to this song. In “Violet,” Majid Jordan blesses us with everything from captivating synths to beautifully looped guitars to highly hypnotizing melodies to flimsy autotune. As for lyrically, in a very poetic way, they speak on the magical feelings that can come when you f**k with someone that is hella special. I personally believe the song is gorgeous; you just have to make sure you drink some coffee before listening to it.

Give “Violet” a shot below.