Rating: 5 out of 5.

NAV says he’s not a system player; he’s a system.

I missed NAV. Though he’s made a few guest appearances and has dropped a few singles in 2023, for the most part, he’s had a quiet year. Today, the Canadian returned to the music scene with a new single called “Baller.” I think the track falls directly in line with what he does best.

Not many rappers talk s**t better than NAV. In “Baller,” he talks s**t like a young Joe Ingles. Throughout the song, which is powered by this booming trap beat that has a nice tempo on it, NAV talks about his rise to the top, his extra shiny bling, his fancy cars, and the love that he receives from people all over the world. Though the hook sounds a little on the robotic side, I think it’s catchy enough to catch your attention. As for his verses, I think they are excellent. I love how he hits us with a slight melody and sounds pretty assertive. This is prime NAV!

I have a feeling that NAV’s next project is going to be one of his best.