Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gunna wants all y’all that switched up to stay on that side.

Do you know what I love about Gunna’s successful run in 2023? It proves that, regardless of your feelings about an artist, if they are creating good music, that’s what truly matters. Right now, Gunna is producing some of the best music in hip-hop, so who gives a f**k about his snitching allegations. Today, the Atlanta native made his return to the music scene with a fresh new single called “BACHELOR.”

Technically, this is labeled as a collaboration track with Gunna and Turbo, and I do admit they both equally shine in it. While the elegant/booming beat that drives “BACHELOR” is damn there perfect to me, don’t sleep on how Gunna slides on it, hitting us with slippery flows, slightly high-pitched vocals, and lyrical content that is as playa as it gets. This random single is really good, which proves that Gunna can do no wrong these days.

Give “BACHELOR” a shot below.