Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Suffice” will be on Toosii’s forthcoming album “JADED.”

One of my favorite projects from this year is Toosii’s NAJOUR. In it, he shows the world his versatility, creating everything from slow jams to street bangers to commercial hits. The word on the street is that Toosii is on the verge of dropping a new album called Jaded. That’s crazy because his last one just dropped in June. Today, the first single from the forthcoming project, “Suffice,” hit streaming services.

While I mentioned that Toosii showcases his versatility in NAJOUR, his style for this song is my favorite. In “Suffice,” the “Favorite Song” singer does his best Rod Wave impersonation, relying on passionate vocals to remind the world that people come and go in your life. He also emphasizes how much he would love to fall in love. As expected, the melodies he delivers are hella intoxicating, the beat he does his work over sounds dramatic as hell, and his words are moving.

Give “Suffice” by Toosii a shot below.