If you find yourself in the midst of your own war, stream Elyrix’s new single!

Elyrix, a Canadian artist, has diligently built his career from the ground up, cultivating a diverse and international fan base. Through his music, he delivers emotionally charged compositions and reflective storytelling. Noteworthy projects like I Feel Better Alone and Ostrogoth, Pt. 1 have earned him praise, solidifying his presence in the industry. Supported by industry giants like Nav and Gunna, Elyrix is an artist who commands attention. His latest offering, the single “When I Go To War,” is part of his recent album, No Sorrow.

In “When I Go To War,” Elyrix reveals the essence of his character through poignant messages. This emotionally charged and gradually intensifying track delves into a mix of emotions, vindictiveness, and self-reflection. Lyrics such as “Call my name, don’t erase me, when a man cries, it’s over, the walls can’t hold any longer” and “Close to each other, we’re like earth and the moon, and at night, I’ll be shining on you, I said it, it’s over” depict the emotional tug of war within a deeply passionate relationship. With haunting production and expressive vocals, Elyrix crafts an intensely stirring sound encapsulated in a single track. Dive into the experience by streaming “When I Go To War” below.