Rating: 4 out of 5.

Putting two of the freakiest people on earth on the same song has to be illegal in some states.

When I think of the term ‘doing too much,’ two people come to my mind: Sexyy Red and Kevin Gates. Gates and Red haven’t committed any crimes these past few years, but they have certainly made listeners feel like their ears need a shower. For “Yonce Freestyle,” the two unite, creating what I think is a certified club banger.

Do you know what’s funny? I don’t think this song is that wild. In most of Kevin Gates’ raps, he talks about being a big dog, going to Beyoncé concerts, and doing traditional sex positions. Towards the end of his lone verse, he starts to go ham. Even Sexyy Red keeps it chill. She mentions her ass being fat and being on percs, but there aren’t many lyrics about getting flipped like drug money or pink things. Actually, it’s BG that goes off the most. He sounds the thirstiest and ready to take something down.

Stylistically, everyone met the assignment here. I love how Kevin approaches the song, which is powered by the definition of a Southern party beat, with a chill demeanor. Sexyy Red comes with the lowkey ratchet energy, and BG brings that Hot Boys and Hot Girls energy to his verse. This is a well-put-together club banger!

Gates used Sexyy Red way better than Drake did…