Rating: 3 out of 5.

Songs like “BREATHE” have been made for years.

I’ll share what might be on everyone’s mind but goes unspoken: Armani White’s name may not be more prominent because some perceive his music as leaning toward the cheesy side. In my view, he falls into a category similar to artists like Flo-Rida. Before anyone takes that as a diss, it’s worth noting that Flo-Rida achieved considerable success and sold numerous records in his career. Anywho, Armani recently made a comeback to the music scene with an entertaining new track titled “BREATHE.”

“BREATHE” stands out as a slick club anthem, driven by a deliberate tempo, stripped-down production, and versatile flows. Lyrically, Armani White covers a range of topics, from boasting about his cars to expressing preferences in the type of company he enjoys (On the real, the lyrics are all over the place). Despite my weariness of tracks with a similar vibe due to their overuse during my college days, I find “BREATHE” to be solid.

There’s a place for Armani White in the game.