What happened to the love our parents had?

Born in the Caribbean, artist Kep.Lockhart weaves his personal encounters with heartbreak and love into his music, stirring deep emotions in his audience. Enamored by his celestial vocals, listeners connect profoundly with the theme of rediscovering “old school love” in his latest single, “Same Old Flow.” Kep delves into the nuanced aspects of how love has evolved, questioning the choice between genuine love and the allure of shiny rings.

“Same Old Flow” serves as a heartfelt plea for a return to romance in love, emphasizing the desire for a connection beyond a fleeting, one-sided fling. The mid-tempo, contemporary R&B fused trap melody seamlessly complements Kep’s silk-smooth vocals, encapsulating the emotions of heartache that resonate with fans. The track serves as a poignant reminder for listeners everywhere to prioritize and cherish authentic love.