A song for those who are stuck playing the game of love.

London-based musician Rya enthralls audiences with his infectious melodies that defy a singular sound. Molding his distinctive musical identity, he effortlessly combines Jazz, R&B, and neo-soul into his impressive productions. In 2021, he embarked on his musical journey with the debut single “Look At Me,” followed by successive releases including “SECONDS,” “EVERYDAY,” and “LET ME FALL.” In his latest single, “WAITAROUND,” Rya delves into the intricate nuances of love.

“WAITAROUND” exudes a silky-smooth vibe, enveloping listeners in its mid-tempo, jazz, and R&B-infused melody, complemented by Rya’s dreamy vocals that create a sensation of floating on air. The song unfolds a dynamic interplay between Rya and his significant other, traversing the complexities of their relationship—from friendship to romance—until the games cease, and they embrace their love without any more waiting around. Immerse yourself in Rya’s “WAITAROUND” by giving it a listen below.