An emo-trap song that chronicles downward spirals.

Originally from Saudi Arabia and now based in El Paso, Texas, Aku The Master is a hip-hop artist. Formerly a part of the musical group “To The Death,” he is now carving his path as a solo artist. His passion for music is fiery and unstoppable. When you listen to his raucous vocals and open lyrics, you’ll feel the same pain he has had to deal with. Aku The Master’s latest release is the single “Drown.”

Aku The Master channels the gritty rawness of emo music with stylized trap beats on “Drown,” pulling you into his world of angst as he details experiences of heartbreak, substance abuse, and mental health. With lyrics like “Yeah, I mean it, I don’t need you this time; when I said I loved you, wasn’t in my right mind” and “I started mixing liquor with the drugs,” he sheds light on the difficulties and inner demons that plague his mind. This muddy emo-trap track will leave you both hurting and yearning for more of the brilliant artistry provided by Aku The Master. So stream “Drown” for a track that shows you just what it means to feel truly damaged.