Rating: 5 out of 5.

This song reminds me of “Win.”

Despite Kendrick Lamar’s departure from TDE, the label continues to thrive, largely thanks to artists like Jay Rock. However, there’s been a bit of a dry spell in Jay Rock’s music releases since 2018 (a common trend among TDE artists taking breaks for extended periods). The exciting news is that he is gearing up to drop a new album soon, and the latest single from it is “Still That Way” featuring Bongo ByTheWay.

As I stated up there, “Still That Way” reminds me a lot of “Win.” Both songs boast triumphant beats, catchy hooks, and amped-up versions of Jay Rock. That said, we get different topics being tackled in the two songs. While “Win” talks about overcoming odds and reaching your potential, “Still That Way” focuses on Jay Rock remaining authentic to himself, whether it be in the studio or the streets. Both songs move the needle.

Jay Rock has a formula that works.