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Listen To “EXTRA GLO” By Chief Keef

Chief Keef is still poppin’ in the streets, folks.

Listen To “The GloFiles (Pt. 3)” By Chief Keef

The fact that Chief Keef isn’t in jail right now is astonishing, to me. Anywho, on his new mixtape titled “The Glofiles (Pt. 3),” Keef talks about some serious street/luxurious s**t, breaking glasses, shaming beats, and reaching all-time lows singing/rapping-wise in the process (Seriously, this mixtape is bad).

Chief Keef – Ottopsy (Review)

I know it seems pretty cruel, but any type of publicity is good publicity — even if that means getting shot at in New York. Well that’s what Chief Keef has working for him right now, and I think it is extremely smart that he decided to capitalize […]