Category: Artist Watch

Ezla – Outcasts (Review & Stream)

You know what I love about musicians like Ezla? Not only do they utilize their talents when it comes to their skillset, but they are also willing to allow listeners to get a glimpse into their lives and how they think through their music. With ‘Outcasts’, Ezla takes […]

NoahSoundz – I’m Home (Album Review)

NoahSoundz is a Christian rapper from Brooklyn, NY that loves to blend many different sounds together to create this picture perfect rap canvas for his fans. With his new album ‘I’m Home’, Noah shines brighter than ever, compiling a group of songs that show his ability to deliver wise words […]

Zabbai – Power Moves (Review & Stream)

Zabbai, is a Christian Rapper from Connecticut that likes taking some of your favorite sounds of today to create these powerful tracks about the impact our LORD and savior has on him. With his new song, ‘Power Moves’, not only does he keep it straight with no chaser lyrically, […]

Guest Actors – By Demand (Review & Stream)

Guest Actors are not a group of individuals that make special appearances on television shows, they are a high octane band from Tel Aviv, Israel that provide listeners with this Indie Rock sound that will leave you captivated. With their newest single, ‘By Demand’ from their upcoming Under […]