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JackMantra – Jack Mantra (Full Album Review)

Nowadays it’s rare to come across a band like JackMantra: At one point in time (Say 10-15 years ago), JackMantra’s sound could have been compared to many other artists streaming through our audio waves today, however, choosing 2017 to be the year of their official self-titled album release was […]

Golden Grey – Maroonish Teal (Review & Stream)

Golden Grey loves luring listeners into their spirited world, as they focus on creating tracks that reach the listeners hearts through many different emotions. ‘Maroonish Teal’ is Golden Grey’s latest track, and on it, they decided to paint this musical picture full of hope, positivity, and an eventual […]

Deamer – Reimburse Me (Review & Stream)

Deamer is a rap artist that hails all the way from London, UK that spits hood knowledge that can be accepted worldwide. With his tough bars, authentic demeanor, and knack for keeping it all the way real on every word he drops, Deamer’s prepared to wow trappers everywhere […]