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Creed 2: The Album – (Soundtrack Review)

One of my biggest takeaways from 2018 in hip hop is that movie companies actually tried when they put together soundtracks this year. From Superfly to Black Panther, listeners have been gifted with some very good music to accompany a couple of major blockbuster releases. Fittingly, today, Creed […]


Nas – Nasir (Album Review)

Nas isn’t on my top 5 rappers list of all time. No shade towards Nas or anything, but I just have a few guys ahead of him at this time (Ask me in the comment section who I have on the list). With that being said, I do […]

DJ Esco – KolorBlind (Album Review)

Dear Readers, My birthday is this weekend, so I’m going to need a few songs to get me amped up and s**t, and think DJ Esco’s “KolorBlind” might do the trick! With lots of Future featured on the project, I expect an abundance of bangers, especially considering the […]