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Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C. (Album Review)

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Wiz Khalifa’s first album ‘Rolling Papers’ was a little on the pop tart side. To his defense, Wiz understands this, and has stated that this next album will be a lot similar to his previous Mixtape efforts. Judging by the pants that he’s wearing […]

Eminem – Relapse (Album Review)

Historically, “Relapse” has been rated low from critics worldwide, as to many, it was too far left for even a die-hard Eminem fan to enjoy. But on the real, was it really that bad? Once you get past the stupid Scottish accent he tends to rap with from […]

Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt (Album Review)

Back in 1996, I was into music, but I really wasn’t into Jay-Z’s music. To me, Jay-Z was in that second tier rap category: He wasn’t as interesting as Tupac, wasn’t quite as wise as Nas, and lyrically, he couldn’t compete with Biggie.  Fast forward a couple years […]