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Young Dolph – Thinking Out Loud (Album Review)

Young Dolph actually lives what he speaks on songs, which results in his music sounding as real as it gets. As he continues to ascend in the rap game, the Memphis bred rapper has not only gained lots of industry friends in the process, but also a few […]

Gucci Mane – Mr. Davis (Album Review)

How many f–king albums does Gucci Mane have in 2017? I swear to you, Gucci releases s–t more than my ass. I will say this though – his previous efforts seemed more like EP’s, with some being collaborative projects and even Christmas themed. ‘Mr. Davis’ seems more like […]

Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem (Album Reviews)

Mr. “Look At Them Breast…..LOOKIN’ ALL PERKY!!!!!!” has returned to the scene with a new album called ‘Wamp 2 Dem’. Is it possible that Gigg’s outlandish bars on Drake’s “KMT” can put Giggs on my radar? Absolutely! I loved the lines, my bros loved the lines, girls without […]

Dame D.O.L.L.A. – Confirmed (Album Review)

Damian Lilliard (aka Dame D.O.L.L.A) made history with this album called ‘Confirmed’, becoming the first athlete to be featured on The Ratings Game! (He will be sent our signature Glutton-free Glutton in the mail for this accomplishment) Though this may be a huge accomplishment for him (Actually, i […]

Lil Pump – Lil Pump (Album Review)

Lil’ Pump sorta came out of nowhere right? The first time I heard him rap was on this silly J. Cole diss record, which made me think he was just another scoundrel that would do anything to taste rap fame. Well it seems like Pump is a little […]

SmokePurpp – Deadstar (Album Review)

The album artwork/title should already tell you that this might be one of the more outlandish rap projects you will hear this year. As a ‘Deadstar’, is SmokePurpp talking about the rise and fall of being a rap star? Or is the fair-skinned rapper talking about the box […]