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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – This Unruly Mess I Made (Album Review)

In my opinion, Macklemore can go bar for bar with any of your favorite rappers out right now. What his critics don’t understand is that a good rapper is a good rapper, even if he’s a white guy who chooses to rap over gimmicky ass production. (With my soliloquy […]

Rihanna – Anti (Album Review)

It took Rihanna approximately 3 years, 2 months, and 8 days to release a follow-up album to ‘Unapologetic’. Prior to this, the longest it took Rihanna to release an album was two years – So what gives? My guess is that she was trying to find her sound, […]

Ty Dolla $ign – Free TC (Album Review)

Ty Dolla Sign’s debut album “Free TC” was long anticipated by many. The anticipation stemmed from his frequent appearances on other artists tracks, and his critically acclaimed Mixtapes from the past. In this industry that predicates success to the ‘things you’ve done for me lately’, Ty Dolla Sign […]