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Popcaan – Forever (Album Review)

Popcaan’s name hasn’t quite been a household one over here in the states, but it has definitely been bubbling these last couple of years. For starters, he’s emerged as one of the go-to Jamaican artists that our favorite rappers have been calling on when they want a gritty […]


The Internet – Hive Minds (Album Review)

If Nickelodeon ever wanted to make an updated version of their classic “Are You Afraid of The Dark” show featuring nothing but black kids, I’m pretty sure the cast would look similarly to The Internet. The group looks cool, carefree, and like college students that are living off […]

Future – BEASTMODE 2 (Mixtape Review)

What a pleasant surprise Future Hendrix has decided to give us with the release of “BEASTMODE 2!” It’s not like he was away from the music scene for a long time, though, as he just gifted us with a fantastic soundtrack to the “Superfly” movie less than a […]

Casanova – Commissary (Album Review)

Casanova is one of the few MC’s in the game that gives me these 90’s vibes when he raps. He isn’t super lyrical, but believes that hip hop music’s main ingredient should be energy — just like the MC’s from back in the day thought. Granted, the energy […]

Drake – Scorpion (Album Review)

Drake has had one of the greatest runs at the top in hip hop history. He’s worked with just about everyone we consider stars in the game, and currently holds the record for most top 10 singles on the billboard charts with 25 and counting. With all that […]

Yung Bans – Yung Bans Vol. 5 (Review)

Yung Bans has really made a name for himself these last couple of months. Not only has the Atlanta based artist been endorsed by major players like Future and Andre 3000 these last couple of weeks, but he has also been able to release four previous editions of […]