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The Dipomats – Diplomatic Ties (Album Review)

For some odd reason, I’ve always felt like The Diplomats would have one last hurrah before they decided to drift off into the sunset. At one point, that didn’t  look like it was going to happen, as each of them had their issues with one another that caused […]

Rita Ora – Phoenix (Album Review)

It’s been six years since Rita Ora dropped her debut album titled “Ora.” At the time, I thought she struggled with her musical identity, never really catching her footing when it came to finding a style that works for her personality. With “Phoenix,” I believe Ora has finally […]

Creed 2: The Album – (Soundtrack Review)

One of my biggest takeaways from 2018 in hip hop is that movie companies actually tried when they put together soundtracks this year. From Superfly to Black Panther, listeners have been gifted with some very good music to accompany a couple of major blockbuster releases. Fittingly, today, Creed […]