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Dram – Big Baby D.R.A.M. (Deluxe Edition) (Album Review)

D.R.A.M. DRAM is one goofy lookin’ muthaf–ka isn’t he? Over here looking like a big ass black dude that has had his body taken over by Lisa Simpson on the front cover of this album! But isn’t that what makes hip hop great? When we want to, Hip […]

Chris Brown – Indigo (Album Review)

On “Heartbreak On A Full Moon,” Chris Brown’s last album, he gifted us with a whopping 45 tracks; “Indigo” only has 32, so it looks like he decided to tone things down a bit. All jokes aside, Chris is known to give it his all whenever he creates […]

Rich Brian – Amen (Album Review)

Rich Brian (Formerly known as Rich Chigga) has literally come a long way since he emerged onto the music scene. At the tender age of 18, the Indonesian rapper has already went from viral rap troll to serious rap player in two years, ultimately getting respect from both […]

Desiigner – Up (Review & Stream)

Based off what I’ve heard from him early on, Desiigner’s music has gotten substantially better; i actually think this is one of his best songs to date. Surprisingly, this song isn’t weird at all! It has this gentle sound production-wise, combined with a version of Desiigner that is […]