Future – Evol (Album Review)

Early Saturday morning (2/6/2016 to be exact), Future dropped an album named ‘EVOL’; This is Future’s second project in the last two weeks, and his 5th project in the last year span. You wanna know my theory? Future knows that his 35 minutes of fame could run out […]

Young Thug – I’m Up (Mixtape Review)

Even though he’s starting to look like Reptar from Rugrats, Young Thugs music still bumps! Someone made a good point about Young Thug and how he’s the best in the game at picking beats. There was a time Rick Ross had this crown, and Future is very close […]

Rihanna – Anti (Album Review)

It took Rihanna approximately 3 years, 2 months, and 8 days to release a follow-up album to ‘Unapologetic’. Prior to this, the longest it took Rihanna to release an album was two years – So what gives? My guess is that she was trying to find her sound, […]