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Tory Lanez – Love Me Now? (Album Review)

Tory Lanez has worked his way into hip hop’s elite by hard-work and determination. In “Love Me Now,” he talks about finally being on rap’s Mount Rushmore, touching on the good, the bad and ‘the ugly that comes with success for literally 16 straight bangers.

Lloyd – TRU (Album Review)

  It’s about time Lloyd! Where you been at my dude? I ain’t seen your ass since that Irv Gotti reality show! As far as I’m concerned,  his first single ‘TRU’ is reminiscent of the classic Lloyd, so I’m expecting some real hot s–t on this EP (The […]

Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout (Album Review)

In every generation, there is a rapper that comes along that is so far left, they rub older generations the wrong way. In my lifetime, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was that guy, and for this generation, the avocado toast/Lamelo Ball-loving generation, Lil Pump is that guy. Today, Pump […]

Kyle – Light Of Mine (Album Review)

Kyle’s little light has been shining bright these last couple of months. With his hit single, “ISpy,” flying off of the charts, music fans all over were introduced to this snaggle tooth MC that made music that gave off nothing but youthful vibes. I’m not mad at it, because […]

Logic – Bobby Tarantino II (Mixtape Review)

Last year, Logic got his sentimental album out the way with ‘Everybody’ — a project that focused on racial equality and practicing the act of kindness amongst each other. Today, it looks like he is back to his ass kicking ways, releasing the follow-up to his “Bobby Tarantino” […]

Giggs – Wamp 2 Dem (Album Reviews)

Mr. “Look At Them Breast…..LOOKIN’ ALL PERKY!!!!!!” has returned to the scene with a new album called ‘Wamp 2 Dem’. Is it possible that Gigg’s outlandish bars on Drake’s “KMT” can put Giggs on my radar? Absolutely! I loved the lines, my bros loved the lines, girls without […]