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Dave East – Paranoia: A True Story (Album Review)

Numerous times I’ve crowned Dave East as the realist rapper in the game, leaving me curious on whether or not he can maintain his street persona while he continues to rise in popularity. I for one would love to see Dave become one of the top go-to-rappers in […]

Rich Brian – Amen (Album Review)

Rich Brian (Formerly known as Rich Chigga) has literally come a long way since he emerged onto the music scene. At the tender age of 18, the Indonesian rapper has already went from viral rap troll to serious rap player in two years, ultimately getting respect from both […]

Freeway – Think Free (Album Review)

“Had to kill witnesses cause Free’s beard stickin’ out” is still one of the toughest lines in hip hop history! Since it was delivered by Jay-Z in 2004, a lot has changed: The disbandment of Roc-a-fella has happened, lots of new Philly artists have made their way onto […]

Dave East – P2 (Album Review)

There isn’t many artists in the rap game working harder than Dave East right now: Whether it’s the remixes he’s been flooding the streets with lately, or the random Mixtapes he’s been dropping, this man has had his focus solely on the music (And I Like It). With […]