It took Rihanna approximately 3 years, 2 months, and 8 days to release a follow-up album to ‘Unapologetic’. Prior to this, the longest it took Rihanna to release an album was two years – So what gives? My guess is that she was trying to find her sound, as her promo singles for this album ‘fourfiveseconds’ (Featuring the self-proclaimed greatest artist of all-time Kanye West), and ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ (Featuring the I-proclaimed ugliest man of all time Travis Scott), didn’t provide her with enough buzz. Well Rihanna went ahead and released ‘Anti’, leaving us with a lot to speculate: What type of sound would it have? Which stripper would she glamorize? What the hell does ANTI mean? Well let’s find out as we rate her brand new album!  



This song has a very interesting sound: It’s different in either a good way, or a bad way depending on if you cleaned the wax from your ear or not. It’ s very mellow, and old school to me; It’s Mary J Blige when she was dressing up like a 14 year old black boy from the 90’s. I didn’t know Rihanna was capable of this sound, and I still don’t think she is.

The production is what shines the most on this song! It’s purpose is to drown you out, as Rihanna’s soothing voice makes you daydream about your bed.

Is it Rihanna’s best song to date? Not at all. Is it her most experimental song to date? Maybe!


SZA and Rihanna! I love that mix!

SZA is that weird alternative singer that would probably go on a date with you, and claim she can’t pay the bill because her spiritual self doesn’t pay bills… Rihanna is the type of girl that will runaway when the bill comes; When you combine the two, you get two unique R&B sounds over a slow tempo beat that mimics the sounds of an ASAP Rocky hit. It’s unique because it’s rebellious from two different perspectives. The bad news is that you are still left with an unpaid bill when it’s all said and done….

3. NEEDED ME (4.9/5)

So who needed Rihanna so much that she had to call them out about it? I figured it out already ya’ll! TIDAL did! (Ol Dusty ass, busted ass, rink a dink ass music site smh) In all seriousness, this song is personal, and is clearly directed at someone… She doesn’t hold back on her proclamations, and is aggressive in her lyrical content.

What makes songs by Rihanna so lovable, is that she is extremely believable in what she’s saying: When she says she’s gonna punch you in the face, you better start blocking your face! Never in our lifetime has an R&B artist been so ruthless! She’s the Stephen A Smith of R&B music.


Kiss it Better is that typical Rihanna song that usually is her second or third single (Update 07/06/2016: DING DING DING…Who predicted right?). It’s the safe track on the album that is clearly in the perspective of some 19 year old white girl who ran away from home and is living with her 29 year old boyfriend.

At moments the song is hurtful, and at other times the song is simply filled with rage! It reminds me a lot of those 1990’s songs from artists like Alanis Morissette.

1. WORK (5/5)

 “OMG, ‘Work’ features Drake! Didn’t they date?”  I don’t give a flying f–k in a house where flying f–ks is encouraged if they dated! All I care about is the fact they make great music together. What I like most about their music is their chemistry: It’s more than just verses being laid down, it’s an understanding from each person of what they’re feeling at the time: If Rihanna wants to be a naughty girl, Drake is that one dork that challenges her to be naughty; If Drake wants to be sappy, Rihanna is the one down ass chick that is laying in the blanket with him watching forensic files…. It’s chemistry! On this song, the chemistry continues, as it’s a combination of sap, naughtiness and island. Overall, the song has a great vibe to it, and Rihanna’s accent is absolutely beautiful for the track. People may not like the simpleness of the lyrics, but hey, I don’t like the simpleness of Chipotle’s chicken cleaning process.


HOT: Consideration, Work, Kiss it Better, Needed Me, Same Ol Mistakes, Higher.

MEH: Desperado, Yeah I Said It, Never Ending, Woo, Love On The Brain, Close To You.




This might be the most versatile album Rihanna has ever made. The album displays some island, some rockstar, some old school, and some impressive ballads. My only beef with this album is it’s content: At times, it seems too monotonous: Either someone is getting cussed out, or someone is being missed; what happened to spazzing out on a Tuesday like on fourfiveseconds? Or someone having your money they owe you? I thought those subjects were dope, and something she could expand on.

Overall, the album has a place for women all around the world! For Women, it’s an album for uniting as one! (Especially if you’re in the club and a dude comes at you sideways). Fellas!!!! It’s an album that might get a drink thrown at you from a girl if you come at her sideways; eitherway, It’s for everyone! 🙂