Mr. Kevin Gates has been in the news for just about everything besides his music: He was rumored to have relations with his cousin, accused of worshiping the devil, and he talks about eating booty like groceries every chance he gets on twitter. It is good that for now we can simply focus on his music! His new album Islah has been long anticipated, and surprisingly, has absolutely no features despite it’s anticipation.
Kevin is an animated artist that I am guessing has some crazy songs on this album. The question is…. Is it crazy and good, or crazy and bad?





The melody on this song is fantastic! However, the content in the chorus is awful! It is way too kiddish! Does he like making music for 13 year old inappropriate dorks or something? Maybe I’m missing something.

His verses are forgettable, and his approach on this song doesn’t feel organic to me.

So why do I consider it a top 5 track?

The vibe of it is awesome, and it does happen to be very catchy! That’s the battle of rating music, does something catchy mean it’s good? In this scenario I gave him a pass.


It’s good, but at times just a little too simple for my liking! It’s like a love song, with ratchet lyrics (Doesn’t these type of songs piss you off too?)

The beat is Nicki Minaj-esque, with all those sappy ass instruments and glitter-like sounds in the background. The chorus is straight up rapping though, meaning he’s direct, clear, and not forcing the issue.



His lyrics on this song will throw you off a bit, as it is elementary at best; however, the song does keep you interested with its hard/gangsta approach. It’s the type of song that you play when you’re ready to beat the hell out of a group of people at a club.

The beat is very simple, but this is fine for the approach he’s taking



This track gets to it immediately! No crazy punchlines, just rapping about his rap career and how he came up. It’s a fitting way to start an album off.

The beat is phenomenal, as it fits the underdog vibe that Kevin Gates is rapping with. The constant sirens throughout the song also adds to its seriousness.

The chorus highlights Kevin Gates ability to harmonize, and boy does he do it well! He sounds like that one thug that can sing the hell out of a hymn at church!  He switches styles throughout the chorus, which adds complexity to it.. I approve this song.


I’ve made several mistakes in my life, and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is not putting this song on the initial top 5 (I think I had serious wax in my ear)! Feel free to slap the hell out of me when you see me.

‘2 Phones’ is extremely dynamic, as Kevin Gates gives us a complex chorus that describes the multiple reasons he carries 2 Phones. I love the concept, and more importantly, I love the honesty.

His verses aren’t necessarily amazing, but his approach on them are suitable for the vibe of the song.

Forget the album, this is one of the top songs of 2016….Sorry folks, I apologize!



Overall,  I feel his effort on the album, I like his unique style, and he came out swinging on his major debut. Definitely a gem for 2016