Melvin Fromm Jr. – Pick Big Lock For Good Love (& More) (Reviews)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. has been nothing short of a machine when it comes to delivering music, hammering home a few different sounds that show he will never waver in his love for music. With these three songs, I see this additional level of tenacity attached to it.




This song is a culmination of many different emotions, and all of them are pretty dramatic.

The main element of this song is the violin, as it is the one consistent throughout the track. As a whole, the song is numbing, emotional, and almost cinematic right? I would love to hear this on a romantic movie.


This song is organized mayhem to me! You get exuberant guitar play that sets the tone, combined with this tapping sound that will get your heart pumping like no other. You will like the songs charisma, as it gives off this big bad feel that is infectious to listeners.

This song is electrifying, exciting, and more importantly distinctive. Overall, it is yet another one of those songs that show Melvin’s ability to be wild and free when he makes music.


‘Pick Big Lock For Good Love’ is similar to ‘Protect Against Bad Life’ in ferociousness, but I think this track might be slightly more aggressive. Both the Guitar play and drumming moves at a really fast pace, giving off this impression that Melvin wanted to blow off some steam during the making of it.

In Melvin’s music, he always finds a way to add some gentleness to a track, and you can hear it on this one as there is this slight piano piece that emerges throughout the song. Even super villains have a soft side to them, so why not appreciate the soft side that is presented on this aggressive song?

It is extremely hard to synchronize all these different sounds together, which I salute.

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