Heavy America – Proud Shame (Review & Stream)

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Heavy America is a Alternative hard rock band from Boston, that has decided to keep it all the way real in their approach to music. The number one goal they have in mind is to electrify with their explosive instrument play, and they definitely do that in this new track called ‘Proud Shame’.Hard-hitting drums, great guitar play, and absolutely soul-wrenching vocals dominate this song, setting the scene for this explosive rock track. While most rock songs are dynamic, something about this one takes the whole idea of dynamic to another level! It seems the song has different vibes to it, with it going from a slow tempo to a fast tempo almost seamlessly.

Mike Seguin (The Lead Vocalist) gives a chilling contribution to the song, painting this diabolical feel that is nothing less than bad ass to me. Mike shows just enough passion, and plenty of flair.

Regardless of your interest in Rock Music, you will find this song to be captivating, as you are treated to a song that is just as cinematic as it is musical.


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