Rev Peter Unger – Grace Filled Man (Review & Stream)

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Positivity is always important when it comes to music, and Rev. Peter Unger’s willingness to open up about how he chooses to live his life will truly resonate with you the moment you press play. I’ve always admired Mr. Ungers past work, as he typically stresses the importance of having GOD in our lives, but stresses it in a way that is more pleasant than forceful. On this new song called ‘Grace Filled’, we as listeners get a chance to hear the joy, peace, and tranquility Mr. Unger received when he decided to fill his life with GOD’s grace.

With the instrumental being pretty gentle, you get a very clear chance to hear Peter’s beautiful words, as he passionately discusses his road to happiness. While Peter doesn’t get too animated vocally on the song, you do still get this heartwarming vibe from him that is absolutely genuine

More than anything, this song is relatable, as we are all also trying to find that path to happiness on our own. I am grateful that Peter decided to share his path with us, reminding us that we are all imperfect human beings that have a chance to make that grace-filled transition one day.


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