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DJ Khaled is a prime example of how buffoonery can be rewarded in the United States of America: In the past year, he has created several different catch phrases that has become national phenomenons, and has been as close to a sponsor as it gets for Snap Chat. Besides promoting buffoonery, Khaled emphasizes unity, and music-wise, he uses that idea of unity to unify artists to make music. When it’s all said and done, it’s all about the hit records though right? So how many will he have on this album? Let’s find out!

5. F–K UP THE CLUB (4.7/5)

This song is DJ Khaled sticking to his roots! In the past, he was all about that club hit record, and this song is it!

Future absolutely kills the chorus! As I’ve said before, Future hears a beat, and he knows exactly how to approach it! (He knows the exact melody that should be used on the beat, the exact words that should be said on the beat, and how those words should be said on the beat.).

I think Rick Ross has the best verse on this song. I feel Rozay gives you that solid verse that sets up the rest of the rappers well.

YG sounds as animated as I ever heard him. I never knew that YG knew how to have fun in a club like this? I thought his idea of fun was being on the streets with his shirt off.

The beat definitely caters to Yo Gotti, and he put up a decent verse. I will say this though, he doesn’t sound like he has a sore throat on this particular song.

The MVP of this track is definitely Future.

4. HOLY KEYS (4.7/5)

‘Holy keys’ is a powerful track, and I certainly expected that, as it features Kendrick Lamar and Betty Wright. What I didn’t expect was for Big Sean to put up such a meaningful verse; It was outstanding!

Kendrick went a little left on his part, but he still managed to say several effective things. While I think his verse was excellent, it is still not better than the ‘Control’ verse.

Anytime I hear someone with the first name Betty, I automatically assume they are an old lady… So as a disciplined young adult, I’m going to go ahead and say Betty had a pleasureful part on this song.


Khaled recruited the 4 Ft.7 Jermaine Dupri to record a track on his album

J. Cole and his medusa lookin’ hair has decided to come out of hiding and record for DJ Khaled.

It seems the longer you don’t hear from J. Cole, the more you appreciate his type of sound. His sound is so organic, and uninfluenced by the stuff of today. Khaled let him be the Cole he always has been on this song, and it sounds refreshing.

Is that you on the chorus Field Mob? I ain’t heard from ya’ll since ‘Sick of being lonely’.

2. I GOT THE KEYS (4.9/5)

Overall, ‘I Got The Keys’ is as amped up as a song is going to get in 2016. Future hits us with a simple ass chorus, but you can tell that it’s the type of chorus that they’re going to love in the clubs (I actually think that was the purpose).

Jay-Z’s lyrics aren’t amazing on this song, but his style, and his demeanor on it is excellent! This definitely sounds like a Future track, and surprisingly, Jay fits in pretty well.

Even Jay-Z featured songs are starting to sound like everything else…..We may need to hit that panic button in hip hop!

1. FOR FREE (5/5)

Only Drake can make a hit record out of an interlude by another artist. Anyway, ‘For Free’ is a lot of fun: It’s quirky, and filled with good vibes! To me, it’s the definition of a hit song…..Matter of fact, it’s already a hit! I was shaking my ass to it just yesterday night.

Surprisingly, Drake doesn’t sing much on it, showing that he can still give you a hit despite it being a pretty standard rap song.

1. I GOT THE KEYS (4.9/5)
2. FOR FREE (5/5)
3. NAS ALBUM DONE (4.6/5)
4. HOLY KEY (4.7/5)
6. I’MA BE ALRIGHT (4.6/5)
7. DO YOU MIND (4.2/5)
10. WORK FOR IT (4.1/5)
12. TOURIST (4.2/5)
14. PROGRESS (4/5)


DJ Khaled has an album featuring Drake, Jay, Future, Nas, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jadakiss, YG…… Which top artist of today is missing aside from Kanye? He got everyone!

Other than the Jay-Z’s song, I feel Khaled allowed each artist to do what they do best: Cole got to do a song that sounds historically like Cole, Nas got to do one that sounds historically like Nas, and Future (which is all over the album) got to do the songs he’s usually good at too; This is called chemistry, and why I think Khaled’s communication skills when it comes to artists is very underrated.

There’s not much to say about an album that is a compilation. All I’ll say is that this album has a lot of potential hits, and it is very enjoyable.

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  1. Hahaha! I can definitely see where you're coming from with that rating! I feel like 'For Free' is the type of song that you either love, or hate. The First time I heard it, I said to myself “This is a really good song, but it's a bit corny.”.

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