Vert, Thugger, and 21 Savage all on the same song!!? This bout to be 5 minutes of sick assness.

This song is nothing short of gritty..

Lil Uzi Vert is on the chorus, and he is going against the world on this one! He’s raged out, and sounding like he’s ready to slap everyone in his vicinity.

Raio has a crazy verse! On his verse, he’s animated as hell! You would actually think he’s Young Thug on it.

To me, Young Thug is chilled out on this track (At least for his standards). It almost seems like he approached the song with a ‘I’m too cool for this’ type mindset.

21 Savage provides mellowness to the track, which is sort of a contrast from the other rappers. Though he is mellow, his lyrics are still explicit, which means he stayed true to his last name.

21 has the best verse on the song.