Leah Capelle is an award winning singer from Chicago that has an impressive skill-set when it comes to music overall. At an early age, Leah was taught how to play both the piano and write music, putting her in the position to be a really special artist in this industry due to her experience.  With her new single ‘Joshua’, Leah shows off her vocal skills, as she sings this dazzling song that will have your spirits feeling really good.

On this song, Leah is both exuberant and carefree, as she is ready to take this fulfilling journey to the border of Joshua. I like how specific she is in describing what she sees, being as vivid as possible on every one of her lines.

In terms of the singing on this song, Leah stuns, as she provides us with a wide range of emotions through her electrifying voice. Even though you may not have an interest in knowing what is at this mysterious border, you still want to go, and that is because her liveliness just convinces you that something special is there.

Leah doesn’t do it by herself on this song, as she is accompanied by a band that delivers an effective sound that allows Leah to really take advantage of what she does best musically. You will love the instrumentals energy, you will love its heavy hitting sound, and you will ABSOLUTELY love the Guitar play at the very end.

Nothing beats positive music, and the vibes that you get from this song is nothing short of magical.