Flashy Boy B is a rap artist from Detroit that is ready to put his city on his back. With this new song called ‘Rep Detroit’, Flashy delivers a heavy-hitting/unapologetic song that forces all listeners to put respect on his name!

Flashy Boy B takes command of the song as soon as the beat drops, hitting us with this catchy hook that gets straight to the point. Once his verse starts, Flashy gives some hefty warning shots to anyone who has a problem with how him and his crew is moving. His verse is nothing short of some boss s–t, which is the only approach I think works for a heavy hitting song like this.

Tiffany’s verse mirrors the same energy Flashy has on his, as she continues to send warning shots to all the people mistaking Detroits toughness. I absolutely love her confidence on this song, as all her words seem like punches to the gut for her foes.

Detroit has always been a city you didn’t want to mess with, and in case people forgot, this is a very good reminder.