Post Malone – Stoney (Album Review)

My mans White Speedy Claxton has finally gotten a chance to release his highly anticipated debut album called ‘Stoney’ (I don’t recall it being called this actually). To me, Post Malone is a very solid artist that has shown an uncanny ability to make infectious tunes that relate to both the trap and the untrap, despite him being the same color as my napkin. Can he continue this trend for a full album? Let’s find out.



I like ‘Money Made Me Do It’ quite a bit.The beat is not necessarily the highlight of this track to me (I actually hate the beat), I think Post Malone’s approach to the song is. Malone’s part has a very catchy melody to it, combined with some real n—a lines; overall, I think this is the most n—arish (or wigga) sounding records of his career.
BTW, I like how he pays homage to Bankroll Fresh on the chorus.

I’m sorry, 2 Chainz verse is so damn annoying! I already hate the beat, so the way 2 Chainz is rapping on the beat sounds so G-tdamn remedial to me!


‘Yours Truly, Austin Post’ is a song in which Post Malone said he was going to go into the studio and do what he does best; that means no experimenting, no forced subject matters, just raw Post. You can tell that he’s engulfed in the soothing trap sound of the beat, while the words are coming out very naturally.

Overall, I love its vibe, it’s freedom, and it’s low-key catchiness.


I’m sure many people have heard this song prior to this album, but this is my first time hearing it, and I am pretty impressed with its sound! This is one of the few songs that I am actually feeling his content….Well on the chorus at least.

The chorus is very catchy on this song, as he completely nails the melody! He also catches my attention with his deep lyrics on it, as Post plays the part of a rebel really well.

I really hate his lyrics on the verses, as I feel like a song like this is a great chance to open up on some real s–t (And he doesn’t)! Maybe he ain’t been through some real s–t…


Post Malone and Justin Bieber’s bromance lives on! Glad that for once a choking incident has not ended a relationship.

This song is catchy, well-structured, gentle, and pretty commercial sounding; Matter of fact, it kinda reminds me of something Robin Thicke would make (I’m not comparing the talent here folks).

Can’t you just picture laying on a beach when you hear this song? Justin Bieber adds this sooth that makes you feel all relaxed and laid out on the sand -But then the beach becomes South Beach on Memorial day once you hear goon ass Post Malones part. It’s not a bad contribution that Post adds to the song, it’s just some reckless ass lyrics from him on this otherwise beautiful sounding song.


Post Malone set the bar high by calling himself ‘White Iverson’, but surprisingly he lives up to the expectation on this song.

So what exactly made Iverson such an influential person? Iverson was fearless, he didn’t care how his wardrobe was perceived, how he crossed people up on the court, and what people thought of him as a person overall; that’s the direction Post Malone went with on this song – You can just hear this fearlessness on this song that has naysayers asking “Who is this guy? And how can we alienate him before he becomes influential?”.  Overall, I feel like he is unapologetic about who he is, and it resonates to anyone who listens to this song.

This was a phenomenal song to release as a first single to get people to understand his brand.


2. BIG LIE (4.7/5)
3. DEJA-VU (5/5)
4. NO OPTION (4.4/5)
5. COLD (3.7/5)

7. I FALL APART (4.5/5)
8. PATIENT (4/5)
9. GO FLEX (3.7/5)
10. FEEL (3.8/5)
11. TOO YOUNG (5/5)
13. UP HERE (4.5/5)
15. LEAVE (3/5)
16. HIT THIS HARD (4.7/5)
17. MONEY MADE ME DO IT (4.8/5)



Lot’s of people will be surprised at the versatility that Post Malone shows on this album: He shows off an ability to create music that isn’t just hip hop, but universal. So why exactly is he considered a rapper than? His lyrical content is one of a rapper, as he talks about stuntin, women, and living the reckless life of your typical rappers.

While I do wish that his content was a little more meaningful, I do appreciate him for being himself on nearly every song. Of course if we compared him to other singers he would be at the bottom of the barrel, but if you accept him as this regular guy that is trying to let his emotions loose on a track without caring, you’ll appreciate it.

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  1. I honestly think “no option” was the over-all best song on the album. I think the vibe he gave off with in my opinion the best beat on the album, was truly intoxicating in my headphones. Really great debut album for him. Looking forward to his music in the future.

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