Grynd Seazon & Noah Archangel – EZ (Review & Stream)

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Grynd Seazon & Noah Archangel has dropped a new Mixtape called ‘Grynd Seazon’, and the first single from it called ‘EZ’ is a very good example of what they do well.

The production on ‘EZ’ has some very positive energy attached to it, as it kinda has this spiritual feel that electrifies listeners. It sounds very organic to me, and unlike anything I hear on the radio today.

Each artist on the song doesn’t let the sound of the beat sway the way they approach the song, cause they definitely come with some real unapologetic bars on it! The listeners are treated to bars upon bars about their flossin’ life, but it is presented in a way that doesn’t sound super braggadocios to me.


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